CPIC Brazil

Mission: Deliver innovative solutions in fiberglass for reinforcement, with agility, safety and quality, always respecting the environment and the community.

Vision: To be the best choice in glass fibers for reinforcement, thus contributing to a better world.

Values: People, safety, respect, commitment, simplicity and ethics.

CPIC BRASIL Fibras de Vidro Ltda is located in the city of Capivari, State of São Paulo. The factory began its operations in 1992 and was the first fiberglass reinforcement production unit in Latin America to obtain ISO 9002 certification. It is currently certified in ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001, achieving a high level of commitment of all its employees and is considered a worldwide reference in the application of Lean Manufacturing techniques.

CPIC BRASIL exports its products to the United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia and countries in Latin America.
Our goal is to fully meet the fiberglass reinforcement needs of our customers. We design and manufacture the highest quality products and strive to be both sensitive to local market needs and capable of leveraging global business. We know the responsibility of a leader in developing high performance products and always innovating.

We provide our products to several segments of the reinforced plastic industry, in construction, consumer goods, sports, leisure, agriculture, electronics, infrastructure and chemical industry.

CPIC BRASIL glass fibers are always present when lightness, durability and resistance are required.



CPIC China

China Unit - DadukouChina Unit - Dadukou

China Unit - Changshou

China Unit - Changshou

Chongqing Polycomp International Corporation (CPIC) has been in the glass fiber industry in China since the 1970s. CPIC was the first manufacturer to produce type E glass fiber by the direct melting process in China in the year 1986. Today , CPIC is one of the leading manufacturers of fiberglass in the world, with a rapid growth and specialized in the production of fiberglass.

CPIC prides itself on its world class technology factories and especially its staff of experienced professionals, its customers and loyal suppliers. Products manufactured by CPIC include textile yarns and a wide variety of reinforcements such as rovings, blankets (emulsion / powder), fabrics, multi-axial fabrics, chopped strands, long fibers for thermoplastics and other products.

The world's largest ECR fiberglass production line, designed and built by CPIC, meets the requirements of customers who require the highest quality and chemical resistance in harsh environments.

Also the TM® fiberglass production line built by CPIC serves customers who demand high mechanical strength and high modulus of elasticity in their parts.

CPIC's internationalization, integration and differentiation strategy is being gradually implemented, we have six production bases (four in China, one in Brazil and one in Bahrain) with large annual production capacity and offering the best services to our customers. CPIC is focused on manufacturing stable products, with continuous improvement and quality in services.

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Browse the CPIC China website and learn more about the shaping of the Changshou and Chonqing Polycomp International Corportation units.

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